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Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro.  Any made up characters were created by me.

Summery: (Transformers Prime Universe.  Set in season one, following the episode cannon loosely.) Arcee discovers a secret about her past and has to learn to live with it.  Can she move forward to a peaceful future?

"blah" – Normal human speak
"blah" – Cybertronian speak
blah – thinking
'blah' – Comm. Speaking
'Blah' – text message

Shadows of the Past

Chapter 4

The next day, things continued as normal.  Wheeljack was being given a tour of the base.  The children hadn't been picked up from their homes yet, having been taken back late the night before.  Melissa had called ahead and stayed at base under Wheeljack's care.  The two had gotten to know each other.  She was currently resting in Wheeljack's guest quarters.  Gadget was slowly waking up in Medical Bay.  She looked around for a moment before remembering what happened yesterday.  "…Melissa…  I treated her so badly…acted foolishly…"  She got off the berth and walked toward the entrance.  She remembered she couldn't leave, so she contacted Optimus.  'Prime?  It's Gadget.  Can you come to Medical?'

'Are you alright?'

'I'm fine, we need to talk.'

'Sounds like you've come to your senses.  I'm on my way with Ratchet.'

  She went back over to the berth and sat down.  She sighed heavily.  "I should have known better, acting like a scared sparkling…  I hope they'll all forgive me…"

"Feeling better?" Ratchet asked as the two of them entered.

"Yes, very much."  He checked her over just to be sure.  Optimus came over and looked at her expectantly.  "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for everything I said and did yesterday. There's no excuse for my actions.  I was a fool.  I was afraid… but I know better now."  She looked him straight in the optics.  "I ask that you'll forgive me, Optimus.  I was wrong to forget about trust and rely on ill judgment."

"That's all I wanted to hear," he smiled.  "You're released from your punishment."

"Thank you, sir."  She quickly stood and rushed out of Medical.

"Where are you running off to?" Ratchet asked.

"To find Melissa and apologize!"

"You don't even know where she is."  She stopped right in the hallway and turned back.


"She's in Wheeljack's quarters," Optimus smiled.  "I'll take you."

"Thanks," Gadget smiled, following him out.


Wheeljack's quarters were empty, Wheeljack deciding to catch up with Bulkhead.  Optimus knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.  When he didn't get one, he let Gadget try.  "Father…are you there?  It's me."  She didn't get an answer either.  Optimus used his code to get in.  "He's not here…"

"He must be with Bulkhead."

"Oh."  Gadget went inside and started looking around.  She found Melissa still asleep on the couch.  "Aww…poor youngling…"  She came over and sat down next to her.

"I'll leave you two alone," Optimus smiled, knowing that everything would be alright.  He let the door slide closed behind him.

Gadget gently rubbed Melissa's back with two fingers.  "Youngling…wake up…  It's me, Gadget…  Melissa wake up…"


"Miss Jackson…I'm sorry…"

"…Sorry…?" she asked groggily as she sat up a little.  "Y-you're…you're not still mad at me…?"

"No…" the red femme smiled.  "YOU should be mad at ME…  I hurt you.  I'm very sorry.  I was scared and scarred.  I shouldn't have been so cruel to you."

"You're forgiven, Gadget," she smiled, climbing into her lap.  "I'm sorry that there are bad people out there.  I just want to be your friend.  You protect me from Decepticons, and I'll protect you from humans, okay?"

"It's a deal, little one."  Melissa only smiled, cuddling into her lap.  Gadget cradled her and let her fall back asleep.  "I'm sure you had a late night.  I promise to do my best to protect you."


Gadget didn't know how long she had been asleep, or even that she HAD fallen asleep, but there was some commotion going on outside.  Wheeljack entered the room.  He smiled to find Gadget and Melissa there.  "Wish I had time to talk, but there's been some Decepticon activity.  An old ship just reactivated."

"What?  Really?"

"Yeah, Optimus wants everyone to come check it out."

"Okay.  Melissa, wake up..."  Melissa woke up with a yawn.

"...Gadget?  Wheeljack, what are you doing here?"

"Decepticon activity."

"Uh oh..."

"Come along.  You can stay here with the other younglings."  Gadget carefully stood up and extended her hand.  Melissa climbed into it and got on her shoulder.

They headed down into the main room with everyone else was.  "I don't like this." Prowl said.

"Ratchet, get a lock on the location.  Autobots, I need a team."

"I will go." Arcee said.

The Prime looked at the other expectantly.  "I'm coming too," said Bulkhead.  "Miko, you stay here."

"Awww." Miko said.

"-computer noises-"

"Wheeljack?" Optimus asked.

"Nah, I think I'll stay behind and catch up with my daughter."

"Alright.  Prowl, you think you know your way around enough to be in charge?"

Prowl nodded.  "I think so sir." he said.

"Ratchet should be able to help you if you need it."  Prowl nods again.  "Autobots, Roll out!"  Ratchet activated the ground bridge.


They arrived down in the Harbinger just as Airachnid was leaving.  "Airachnid!" Arcee cried, going after her.  Starscream was sneering, trying to wiggle out of her webs.

"Arcee!" Optimus called having the group go after her.

"Please...don't leave me here..."

"Optimus?" Bulkhead asked.

"Where is Airachnid headed?"

"To the other half of the ship.  It's a few miles in the desert through a stone arch.  Please, don't leave me here alone.  I...I want to join your side."

"Let's take him with us," Optimus said before heading out.  Bumblebee and Bulkhead looked at each other before grabbing onto Starscream and taking him along.


The group pulled up where Starscream had told them.  "How can we trust a 'Con?" Arceee said.

"Arcee..."  Optimus helped Starscream get out of his trailer.  He was cuffed at the arms and wings.

"Please...I want to join the Autobots.  The Decepticons hate me..."

"Yeah right, and I've been lobbing with The Fallen..."

"The Decepticons have done nothing for me.  They humiliate me, tried to terminate me...  Megatron would accuse me of treason if I returned...  Please..."  Everyone looked towards Optimus.  He nodded for them to come follow him.  He looked at Starscream before they grouped together.

"I think Starscream means well, but there's a chance he has his own plans in mind.  However, he could prove a powerful ally.  Let's give him the benefit for now."

"Make him an Autobot?  Like keys to the base and everything?"

"Maybe...We have to hope that he truly wants to change.  If we don't give the Decepticons a second chance, then we're no better than them."

"But...forgive them?  Trust them...?  Even 'Bot killers like Airachnid?"

"Arcee...if we don't keep that hope alive, we have no chance of lasting peace."  Arcee was still unsure.  Optimus just sighed, staring her down before turning to Starscream.  He nodded at him.  "Arcee, you stay with Starscream.  Bulkhead, Bumblebee, you come with me."

"Me, babysit a 'Con?"


"Fine."  The three left to find Airachnid.  "Airachnid..." Arcee said with a scowl, wishing she was going with them instead of watching Starscream.

"Airachnid!" Optimus called out.

"Well hello there Optimus." Airachnid said.

"Stand down, Airachnid."

"I got a better idea." she said with a smile.  She shot him with the Immobilizer as soon as he went to attack.

"Prime!" shouted Bulkhead as he and Bumblebee ran towards her.  She shot Bulkhead, getting him immediately too.  Bumblebee knew he had to do something to stop her.


"Airachnid...what I wouldn't do to get my hands around her wretched throat." Starscream grumbles.

"I guess that's one thing we both agree on." Arcee said.

"She weaseled her way up to Megatron...accusing me of betraying him..."

"She killed my partner."

"What?  Now she's taking credit for scraping him too?"

"You weren't there." Arcee said, a bit confused on what Starscream had said.

"Of course I wasn't.  Who...who are you talking about?"

"Tailgate.  Who are you talking about?"

"No one, no one," he laughed nervously.

"You....You killed Cliffjumper!"

"What?  No!  It...  You don't understand," he pleaded.  "It was a mercy killing!  He begged me to."  Arcee glared at him.  "...Please...don't kill me..."  Arcee drops the key to his cuffs in front of him.

She aimed her gun at him.  "Pick it up," she growled.


"Pick it up!"  Starscream weakly grabbed for it, quickly dropping it with a whimper.  Arcee growled.  "I said pick it up!  We are going to have a fair fight."  He just whimpered.  "You're pathetic!" she huffed, going over to take the key.  She missed Starscream smirking before attacking her with his claws.    "...-gasp-</b>..."  She tried to catch her breath as she grabbed her side.

Starscream smirked as he removed the stasis cuffs and came at her.  "What's wrong?  I thought you wanted a fight."  She stumbled to her feet to try and fight back.  "I wonder, was Tailgate as weak as Cliffjumper was?"  She hissed, trying to keep him from hurting her further.  As they continued to fight, Bumblebee figured out an idea.

He saw Airachnid fire the immobilizer at the rocks.  The rocks started to break up, fall, and create a lot of dust.  He nodded to himself and then readied himself.  He shot the rocks, adding to the dust as Airachnid shot at him.  When the dust cleared, he was immobilized!  Or so Airachnid thought.  Airachnid smirked before going to where Optimus stood.  "Optimus Prime...the ultimate trophy..."  She crept over to Bumblebee.  "You bug...he'll just scrap you for spare parts..."  Bumblebee jumped into action, destroying the immobilizer, shooting at her too.  "You fool!"  Airachnid transformed and escapes while Bumblebee started shooting at her.  He raced back to where Arcee was.

"...This is...for Cliffjumper..."

"I'm sorry, what were your last words?" Starscream smirked.

"...Th-This...This is for...Cliffjumper!" she screamed as she turned the tide.  She soon had Starscream pinned with her blades close to his neck when Bumblebee found them.  Bumblebee stared at her and she released him.  Starscream took the opportunity to escape.  "W-we...we need to get...them...back to...base..."  Bumblebee nodded and he called base for the bridge.


Prowl was worried about Arcee when they got back as Ratchet fixed up the immobilizer.  "Sweetspark?" Jazz asked, coming over.

"...I-I'm fine..." Arcee said.

"...If you want to talk, let me know..."

"Are they going to be okay?" Melissa asked as she watched Ratchet.

"They will be once I'm done fixing this." Ratchet said.


"You need any help there, Ratchet?" Wheeljack asked.

"Why not?"  Wheeljack smiled.

Gadget came over to Arcee.  "You okay?"


"Arcee...remember...what you said about forgiving...?"

"...Yes...I...I have to eat my own words now..."

"...Alright...good as new.  Now to restore the others."  Ratchet put the setting on reverse and fired at Optimus and Bulkhead.

"You should both regain your mobility shortly as they effect wears off.  Arcee..."  Arcee looked at Ratchet.  He came over and looked her over.  She was quiet as he fixed her up.  Ratchet wanted to say something but decided he shouldn't.

"Ratchet, is Arcee alright?" Optimus asked.

"She's very resilient...for a two-wheeler..." he sighed.  Optimus went over to her.  Gadget had a hand on her shoulder.

"It's the physical wounds that heal the quickest.  The internal ones take a little longer..."

"Arcee, you forgave them once, you can forgive them again."

"...I...I'm sorry, Optimus...everyone...  I lost us our only chance."

"Wisdom must be learned, sometimes at a price.  We will move on from this, Arcee."

"Why don't we go for a scenic drive, huh?  It'll help.  You don't mind, do you father?  Optimus?"

"I don't mind, Gadget." Wheeljack said with a smile.

"Permission granted."

"Can...Can I come along too?  We never got to go for that drive?"

" want my company...?" Jack asked.

"I don't mind having some friends along," smiled Gadget.

"You just be careful." Prowl said.

"I will...  Jack, I would welcome your company.  Should I be able to transform?" she asked Ratchet.

"You'll be fine.  Just don't push it.  Starscream scratched you pretty badly."

She nodded and transformed.  "Hop on, Jack."

Gadget did too.  She opened her door.  "Get in, youngling."  Melissa happily got in as Jack hopped onto Arcee.  The group of four headed down the hallway and out of the base.

" about we catch up?" Wheeljack asked Ratchet.  "We haven't really gotten to do so."

"Sounds like an idea."  Wheeljack smiled and the two left the room.

"Want to race, Raf?" Miko asked.

"Okay, come on Bee."


On the Nemesis, Barricade couldn't help but smirk as Megatron gave a talking to Airachnid about losing Starscream to the Autobots.  He didn't like Airachnid.  Megatron huffed, dismissing Airachnid.  She left to go lick her wounds.  Barricade took the opportunity to come over to him.  "What do we do now Lord Megatron?" he asked.

"Continue with things as usual..."

"Yes Lord Megatron."


Meanwhile, Gadget and Arcee were driving in the scenic areas.  "This area of the country is quite beautiful," Gadget observed.

"Yeah...  It's a good place to clear your head..."

"Its okay, Arcee.  We all make mistakes.  We move on and grow stronger as we learn from them," said Jack.

"Yeah, definitely.  Don't beat yourself up over it.  You and Gadget have both a good chance to grow here."

"Well said, Melissa.  You have wisdom beyond your years, youngling."

She blushed.  "I just believe in what is right, that's all.  Forgive and forget.  Right, Jack?"


"Why don't we pull over somewhere far away from prying eyes?" Gadget suggested.  "We could transform and just sit in the desert scenery to enjoy nature."

"I know a spot.  You think we could, Jack?" Melissa smiled.

"Arcee?" he asked.

"...Sure...  Why not?"

"Gadget, pull off the road a few miles up ahead.  There're nice hills and scenery where no one ever goes.  You guys will be able to stretch out over there."

"Alright, Melissa," Gadget replied as she did as instructed.  Arcee and Jack followed.  They soon arrive at the spot Melissa suggested.  They looked around before transforming.

"This is a nice place." Arcee said.

"...Yeah..." Gadget sighed, stretching out on the ground.  "It's good to just relax..."  Melissa lay down next to her.

"I agree."  Arcee found a nice spot to sit down.  Jack sat down by her.

"See, Arcee?  This is nice."

"Yeah."  Jack smiled at her.


Meanwhile, June had come to base hoping to see her son.  She looked around when she didn't see him at first.  Miko, Wheeljack, Jazz, Bumblebee, Rafael, and Bulkhead were all hanging out.  "Dose anyone know where Jack is?" she asked.

"Oh hi Mrs. Darby." Rafael said.

"He's not around right now," Miko said.  "I think he went for a drive with Arcee."

"Ya must be Jack's mother." Jazz said with a smile.

"I don't think I've met you."

"The name's Jazz.  I'm Arcee's father."

"Oh...kay...  It's nice to meet you Jazz."  Jazz smiled as Prowl came into the main room see what his mate was doing.  Prowl saw June.  He was at first wondering how the human got there but then figured out it must be Jack's mother.  

"You must be June Darby," he said seriously as he came over and knelt down to her.

"I am, and who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Prowl.  Arcee is my daughter."

"What do you mean?  Jazz said she was HIS daughter."

"He is." Prowl said "I'm Arcee's mother."


"We Cybertronians are different then humans." he explained "A mech is just as capable carrying a spark as a femme."

"Oh I see."

"We can talk until both our children comes back." he suggested.


"Unless you don't want to." he said.

"No, it's alright."  Prowl smiled and led her to a part of the base where they wouldn't be disturbed.

"Lob me again, Bee.  Let's see if you can keep up with me and Bulkhead," Wheeljack smiled.  Bumblebee nodded.

"Who is he?" June asked as she watched Wheeljack.

"That's Wheeljack." Prowl said.

"I see.  So there's a lot of you, huh?"

"There are but not on Earth, at least not that we know of.  There are more Decepticons out there then there are us."

"But...Jack and the children are safe, right?"

"I'm sure they are.  Jazz and I haven't been on Earth very long but I can tell Arcee and the others take good care of the children."

"That makes me feel even better than I did before about all this."



"I think I know what you mean."

"So you're a little over protective too?"

Prowl nodded.  "Arcee's my little sweetspark.  I sometimes don't like her going out on dangerous missions but at the same time it's what we have to do."

"Jack's pretty responsible."

"You raised him well, and I'm guessing by yourself as well."

"Yes, but it's alright."

"Do you miss having your mate?"


Back in the main room, "Good one, Bee!" smiled Bulkhead.  "You're getting good at lobbing."

Jazz smirked.  "Hey Ratch, were ya good at Lobbing?" he asked as Ratchet walked back.

"...No, not really.  I spent my younger days studying to become a medic, then I spent them BEING a medic..."

"Ya no fun Ratch." Jazz said.


Bulkhead passed the ball to Wheeljack, who passed it back to Bumblebee.  "Good job," he smiled as Bumblebee caught it.  He threw it back to Bulkhead.


Meanwhile, a few miles down the road, Gadget, Melissa, Jack, and Arcee were enjoying the day.  "What's that one look like?" Melissa laughed as they looked up at the clouds while lying down.

"Looks like a rabbit." Arcee said.

"Yeah..." smiled Gadget.

"Look, that one looks like a fire breathing dragon," smiled Jack.

"That one looks sort of like Prowl." Arcee said.

Melissa laughed.  "...Yeah...  That one looks Starscream...with...with a hilarious face..." she giggled.


"Arcee?" Jack asked, looking over at her.

"...-burst into laughter-...  Thank you...both of you..." she smiled.

"It's what friends do," smiled Gadget.  "Look at that one!  It's a Megatron shark!  -laughs hysterically-</b>..."  Arcee laughed whole heartedly at that.  Jack and Melissa joined in.

'Arcee?  Sweetspark, come in.'

'I'm here.  What you need?'

'Jack's mother is here.'

'Oh?  Is she worried?'

'I don't think so.  Prowler's talking to her but you should come back though.'

'Alright.  I think we're ready to come back.'

'Okay see you soon then.'

Arcee looked at Jack and the others.  "We should head on back to the base.  Your mother's there, Jack." she said.

"Oh.  She worried?"

"No.  But we've been out here long enough."

"Agreed," said Gadget.  "I'm sure you'll want to hang out with Miko and Raf," she smiled at Melissa.

"Yeah, okay."  Arcee transformed and let Jack get on her.  Gadget did the same with Melissa.  They headed back to base.


Once back at base, they were greeted by June Darby and the others.  She smiled when she saw her son.  "Hi, mom."


"What's up?  Miss me?" he asked.  His mother hugged him.  He sighed, hugging her back.

"Now that we're all here, we can REALLY rock out!" smiled Miko.

June looked up at Arcee.  "Your...mother...and I had a very interesting conversation."

"Oh?"  June nodded.  Arcee smiled.  Prowl stood watching near by with a smile on his face. Miko's guitar rang out.  Prowl's door wings twitched when the sound vibrations hit them.  She started strumming a song.  Prowl quietly excused himself and headed towards the area where the quarters were.


"I'm sorry it's bugging my door wings a bit." Prowl said quietly.

"Not into heavy metal rock, that's alright," smiled Jazz.

"You can stay if you want to."  Jazz nodded.

June waved to Jack.  "I think I'll excuse myself too."

"I'll be home later, mom."

"It's a little loud for my taste, but it's alright," Melissa smiled, dancing to the beat.  The others started dancing and playing too as June left.  Jazz loved the music that was being played.  Everyone was rocking out.  Everyone except for Ratchet, Prime, and Prowl.

"Prowl doesn't like music?" Jack asked Arcee.

"Yes, just not the really loud, screeching guitar stuff."

"Oh, that's why he left."

"Yep.  It's okay though."

Jack only shrugged and smiled at the others.  Melissa came over to him.  "Hey, Mr. Serious, why don't you join in on the fun?  If I</i> can rock out with Miko, I'm sure you can."

"No, it's fine." Jack said.

"You know, you don't have to be serious all the time.  Now that everything's quiet for awhile, why not just relax?"

"...Well...maybe just a little bit..."

"Yeah...just dance a little maybe," she smiled.  Arcee smiled too.  Melissa led Jack over to the group.  She started dancing to the music.  "Just move your feet...then your arms...  Don't worry about being embarrassed either.  Just go with it."  Jack started dancing slowly and still a bit rigid.  "If you have to, close your eyes and just feel the music.  Hey Miko!  Miko!  Could you tone it down to something less heavy metal and something more rock and roll?  You know any classics?"

"...Mmmm...maybe a few.  I'm more into the heavy stuff though."

"Alright.  Play it girl."  Miko started playing a newer hard rock song.  "Nice!" Melissa nodded at her.  "Now just close your eyes and don't worry about anyone else in the room.  Just let loose.  See?  Bee and Raf got it."  Jack took a deep breath and slowly started dancing more freely.  "There, you got it," Melissa smiled.  "That's how you loosen up.  It's okay to," she said, dancing herself.


The music died down as it got late.  "Wow!" Melissa yawned as she looked at her cell.  "It's close to eleven.  I hate to close it down, but it's late.  It's time for everyone to go home now.  I'm sure for you guys especially," she said towards the children.

"-yawn-...  Yeah...  I think I rocked out a little too hard..." Miko agreed.

"Alright, it's bedtime," said Bulkhead.  "Come on, Miko," he said transforming.

"-computer noises-</b>..."

"Okay...Bee..." Rafael yawned as he trudged over to the yellow scout.

"Come on Jack, I'll take you home." Arcee said.

He yawned before climbing on to her.  "Youngling?  Time to go?"

"Yeah...  Tomorrow's Sunday so we can hang out tomorrow still.  I DID finish my college work."

"Alright.  Come on then, Melissa."  She happily oblidged.  The four Autobots drove away down the hall.  Jazz smiled and went off to find his mate.

"Prowler?" he asked as he went towards the living quarters.

"Party's over?" Prowl asked.



"The kids went home."

"It is getting late for them." Prowl said.


"So, what should we do?"

"We could have a party of our own," Jazz smirked.  Prowl smiled back.  Jazz let the door to their quarters close behind him.  Prowl smiles some more.  Ratchet and Optimus were talking in the main room.
The forth chapter written by me and :iconnewartist19:

Gadget and Melissa belong to :iconnewartist19:

Pic used for preview [link]

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